Generation 2 Heiress vote

Okay, so I know generation 1 was quite short, but Ashlin is now an elder, so I want to know who I will be working with once she passes.  So, without futher ado here are you options: Continue reading


Chapter 1.5 True Monster

Dear Diary,

I told Jason that I was pregnant again. His face lit up, and I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that the baby may or may not be his. So many years together. I just prayed that the baby was indeed his. What would he do otherwise? Continue reading

Ch. 1.4 – I Can’t Change Who I Am

Dear Diary,

Well, my worst nightmare happened.  We got married.  Don’t get me wrong, Diary.  Jason is an amazing person and an amazing father for Bridgette, I just never saw myself tied down to one person.  It went against everything school and my mom taught me.  It was against everything I am! Continue reading

Ch. 1.3 – What am I thinking!?

Dear Diary,

The pregnancy flew by like nothing.  It was amazing how big I got;  soon, I thought the doctor might be wrong and that I was going to have twins I was so huge!  However, when the contractions came, I immediately took the subway to the hospital.  It’s amazing how many people will offer to give up their seat to a screaming pregnant woman about to give birth at any minute! Continue reading

Ch. 1.2 – What Am I Going to Do?

Dear Diary,

Life over the next couple weeks was great.  I kept up with my usual schedule of playing guitar, going to work, and banging others.  I managed to work my way all the way up to becoming the band’s manager.  I’m telling you, life couldn’t get any better, and there was nothing that could bring me down.

Or so I thought. Continue reading

Chapter 1.1- Country Girl in the City

Dear Diary,

One thing I learned from my mom is that I should never let a man tell me what to do.  In fact, I should let them think they are the ones using me.  Instead, I should be the one who has no feelings attached to them.  They are good for one thing, and one thing only: for leisure time in bed.  I learned in high school that the only way to be popular is to remember another thing: it’s not only who you know, but who you’ve done.  So, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing in the big city of Bridgeport. Continue reading


Salina Langston, 18 years ago.

Dear Diary,

Please remind me to never, EVER fall in love again.  My heart has been completely broken.  How could my judgement on Tony have been so wrong?  I thought we were going to be together forever. Continue reading