Salina Langston, 18 years ago.

Dear Diary,

Please remind me to never, EVER fall in love again.  My heart has been completely broken.  How could my judgement on Tony have been so wrong?  I thought we were going to be together forever.

When I first met Tony two years ago, it seemed like the world stopped for me.  There was no one there but us.  Of course, there were actually people there.  We were at a party, after all.  It a graduation party from high school.  We were finally adults!  He was super cute with his little overalls and such.  I had never noticed him in high school.  Now that school was over, it seemed all the stereotypes were over.  Everyone was the same; we were graduates!

Years later, and still in love (or so I thought) we married.  He was so cute, but definitely paranoid.  There were nights where he would cower in front of the window with the blinds open and staring out thinking there was a criminal outside or something.  I loved him deeply, even with all his flaws!
Later, I went to the doctor because I had been sick for quite a while, and was still gaining weight!  I had an idea of what was wrong, but I wanted a doctor to tell me for sure.  I was so happy when I found out I was pregnant with Tony’s baby.  I knew he would be absolutely thrilled!  Or that’s what I thought.  When I told him..he wasn’t so thrilled.

Through gritted teeth, he said, “Please…tell me you’re lying.”  “What? Why would I lie about something like this?  This is amazing news! We are going to have to turn the extra bedroom into..” “No! Are you kidding me? We are NOT having a baby.  We’re not ready!  We’re too young to start a family!”  With that, he got in a taxi, and left…

I assume he went drinking that night.  He came home later while I was sleeping, and packed his things.  That night was the last night I ever saw my husband.

I went on about my pregnant life without my husband, my soul mate, my other half.  I felt like my life was empty; hell, I still feel that way.  When my beautiful daughter, Ashlin, was born, I swore to never let a man hurt her the way her father had hurt me.  Instead, we would be the heart breakers.  To hell with men.  I hope they all rot in hell.


One response to “Prologue

  1. Great prologue! I’m certainly intrigued. n.n
    Will Ashlin be thoroughly ruined by her upbringing? Will the fact her father was paranoid be important later on? Excited to find out!! 😀

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