Chapter 1.1- Country Girl in the City

Dear Diary,

One thing I learned from my mom is that I should never let a man tell me what to do.  In fact, I should let them think they are the ones using me.  Instead, I should be the one who has no feelings attached to them.  They are good for one thing, and one thing only: for leisure time in bed.  I learned in high school that the only way to be popular is to remember another thing: it’s not only who you know, but who you’ve done.  So, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing in the big city of Bridgeport.

The boys in this big city didn’t just fall into my bed the first day I got here, though.  Ohhh no.  I had to work, and work hard for the men to notice me.  When I first came to Bridgeport at the apartment my mom paid for me when I turned the ripe age of 18 as a graduation gift, I was as country as they come.

It was just me and my guitar.  I loved the freedom of being able to play no matter what room I was in.  Hell, I could play my guitar in the living room butt naked for all anyone cared!  Life was grand.  After having that bit of pleasure time, I decided it was time to meet my neighbors.  Little did I know, though, that I was in for a rude awakening.  I rang the first bell and had the biggest, friendliest smile I could muster on my face, ready and waiting for a grand welcoming.

“Haha, well hello there, Cowgirl.  I don’t think I paid for a party, but I could definitely use the gift.  Who sent you?  And why are you wearing so much clothes?  Shouldn’t you be wearing one of those tight miniskirts with those boots?  Or is this all part of a different costume?”  “Excuse me?  I’m your new neighbor and I thought I should meet everyone as a courtesy.”  “Well, sweetie, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to get much courtesy around here.  Now why don’t you come inside and we can have ourselves a party?”  “Maybe later, asshole.”  With that, I ran back into my apartment.  I couldn’t believe the pig!  How could he think that I would just spread my legs to some guy that thought he was king of the bed?  Jesus.

Once I was sure he was back in his own apartment, I decided that he was just an asshole and decided to try again.  I only had one other neighbor on the entire floor.  I rang the doorbell, and waited again.

My neighbor walked out, but only had a few words to say to me.  “Hello, you must be the new person that I overheard yelling at Emilio.  My name is Jason, and your attire is completely atrocious.   I must insist that you change your wardrobe immediately if you think you have any chance of surviving in this city.  Now if you will excuse me.”  With that, he walked back in his apartment and shut the door.

After stewing for a few hours, I finally gathered enough courage to walk outside and head to the salon.  The stylist was super sweet.

“Oh, dah-ling! The western theme was so last year.  You are way past due for a makeover.  Come, dear, we must change your look!”  “But..I don’t know what to change to.  I’ve been like this all my life!  It’s practically in my blood.  Also, I don’t have a lot of money.  I just moved here, and I’m in the process of trying to find a job.”  “Well, dah-ling, you are most definitely NOT going to find one looking like that.  It will be on the house this time!”  “Oh thank you so much.”

With that, she immediately grabbed my hand and drug me to the mirrors.

“Now, what you need is a new wardrobe, obviously.  I’m thinking something that’s going to show skin.  You have such a pretty complexion and a hot body with curves.  You simply MUST show it off. ” “But-” “And your hair!  Too long, and too much to fuss with.  I would say maybe 5 inches should do it.” “Wait-What!?” “Hush, now, dah-ling.  I’m the expert.  You are obviously not.”

I simply stood there in shock.  But once she was done, I was amazed.  I looked hot.  Not just hot.  Words couldn’t begin to describe how I looked compared to what I had when I walked in the door.

“I love it! Thank you so much!”  “You are welcome.  You owe me dinner one night for all my hard work.”  “Oh, most definitely! Thank you again!”  I walked back to my apartment, and was greeted by who Jason said was Emilio.

“Cowgirl? Is that you? Oh, hot momma, you simply take my breath away.  Please tell me you’ll accept my apology and let me take you to dinner.”  “Look.  We both know you don’t want to take me to dinner.  Let’s just skip the dinner part, go straight to dessert, and call it even.  No strings attached.”  “Wow, you are truly one of a kind and going straight to my heart.”

The next night, I decided to hit the clubs.  One even agreed to let me play for a night.  I got a ton of tips.  I even got to play with Jason, who I think is quite cute.

A couple days later, I got a job in the music industry.  Starting out as a fan, but hey! You gotta start somewhere, right?  When I got done with my first shift, Jason was waiting for me with flowers.  He truly is a sweet guy, even if I still think all guys are pigs deep down; after all, that’s what my momma taught me!

I invited him over to the apartment for a few drinks.  We were drunk, and definitely getting flirty.   I really don’t remember much from that night, but I think things got a little hot and heavy, as I woke up with him next to me in my bed the next morning.

As I had the day off, I decided to hit the clubs again.  With my growing fame, I thought I might be able to get my way into the swanky clubs uptown.  Although, any other girl would have been turned down immediately, I was able to charm my way in.  I had put some extensions in my hair, and put my hair up the way I used to for old times sake, but still wore a snazzy dress.

“Mister please let me in.”  “Now you know I can’t do that.  It’s for upper-class VIP members only.”  “What if I let you in my dress later on tonight after closing?”  “Well, if you’re going to pay that way, why not?”

I partied the rest of the night at that place, and I did keep my end of the bargain.

Publisher’s notes:  I am SO sorry for the delay in the chapter.  The sims in the chapter simply would NOT cooperate!  No matter how high I had some of the relationships up, they still refused to woohoo!  It was a little disappointing.  Anywho, happy simming, and I hope to have another chapter up sooner than the length of time I had this one out!  Cheers!

Jojo777 – Luisa made it into the story!! Thank you so much for donating her!!


5 responses to “Chapter 1.1- Country Girl in the City

  1. Ooo I love this 🙂
    Shall be following 🙂

  2. Loved this chapter! Ashlin certainly has an interesting outlook on life… I really hope it changes and that someday she realizes not all guys are pigs (even though a few of those guys she met are, indeed, male pigs!).

    P.S. Do I spot Luisa in this chapter? Could be wrong but it looks like her from the side. It would be like her to give a country girl a makeover too!

  3. Hello. I am going to subscribe today–it may be a couple of weeks before I can catch up but I do want to feature you on my blog.

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