Chapter 1.5 True Monster

Dear Diary,

I told Jason that I was pregnant again. His face lit up, and I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that the baby may or may not be his. So many years together. I just prayed that the baby was indeed his. What would he do otherwise?

The next few months went by with no major events, except for one. Bobby died. He was getting up there in age, I knew. But I was devastated. What if this baby was his? He would never get to see him or her. I had to keep my feelings to myself however. I could show some grief. He was a band member, afterall. But all the other worries I had to keep locked deep inside.

Like I said before, Diary, Bridgette was very popular. She was so excited to be able to attend prom. However, she didn’t have a date. When I asked her why, she simply said, “Why stick with one when I can dance with them all?” I hope she knows what she’s doing. We scraped our money together, and surprised Bridgette with a limo. She was so excited.

She came home later that night beaming. My baby girl had been nominated as Prom Queen! I couldn’t be more happy for her.

Soon after, I felt the pangs of labor. Two days later I came home with a brand new baby girl, Brittany. For some reason, after I had given birth and Jason took one look at her, he left. I think he knew. After I placed Brittany in her crib, I walked out to the living room.

“How could you do this, Ash? We’ve been together fifteen years now. FIFTEEN LONG DAMN YEARS! And this is how you repay me? By having someone else’s child?” “Jason, I-” “No, Ashlin. Nothing can be said. You have destroyed this family. You just couldn’t be happy, could you? We’re done, Ashlin. I’m packing my things and will be out by the night.”

I was empty inside. On the outside I was strong, but I was literally dying. Soon, it was time for Brittany to grow up. She turned out to be a beautiful little girl, but I can’t help but see the mistake that I made in her.

My mom always told me that men were scum and that they couldn’t be trusted. I found out through this that my mom was wrong. Men aren’t the monsters. I am.

I just hope I can teach my daughters that valuable lesson that I had to learn the hard way.


2 responses to “Chapter 1.5 True Monster

  1. Aww, how sad! Ashlin definitely made a mistake, but I have to hope that Jason is able to forgive her someday. Bridgette grew up very well, and I know that Brittany will too!

  2. I love it, you did an amazing job. You have inspired me to do my Sims3 blogs in a different way. 😀

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